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»You can achieve the perfect flavour when you choose natural ingredients that retain the original taste of the fresh products.«


Kenneth Myer

For natural flavors

And pure pleasure

Powdered or granulated formulations offer fruity, flowery, sweet, spicy or hot mixes - all of which are made possible with freeze-dried ingredients. For natural flavors without synthetic enhancers, we can supply you with ingredients unchanged in shape and color along with intense flavor.

In order to guarantee the finest flavor after the processing of our ingredients, we have been working with carefully selected farmers and trading partners in many countries for many years. We trust in their regional know-how - and the fact that we can preserve the quality of their raw materials through our gentle drying processes.

Our ingredients for natural flavours

Are you still looking for the right ingredient for your natural flavour mixes?

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Herbs (4)
Fruits (9)
Spices (4)

Fresh ideas

Inspiration for your products

Why have synthetic, when you can have natural? Nothing tastes more like a strawberry than the strawberry itself. Our freeze-dried ingredients provide maximum natural flavour thanks to our gentle drying process. Add nature to your products!


Our product suggestions:

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Our list of freeze-dried ingredients is long.

Companies looking for natural flavouring mainly buy:


  • Mint FD
  • Ginger FD
  • Thyme FD

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